How to import Contacts from Google Account to Phone

Technology has developed so much since the start of this decade. One of the best and most used inventions ever made by man in the technological gadget field will have to be the mobile phones we use. We live in a world were mobile phones or smart phones are no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity. It has become very hard to find people who do not own or use a mobile phone. 

Even mobile phones have evolved into the sleek, touch screen smart phones that most of us use today. The device in your hand can do a million things at your command. For all we care, they have become smarter than us. Be it keeping in alarm, taking a photo, sending a message, seeing a movie or a video etc., one uses his or her mobile phone for all purposes these days. You might even be reading this article through one! But when one thinks of mobile phones or smart phones, we think of making a call. That’s the first function that comes into your mind when you think of them. 

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But sometimes, due to some unfortunate incident, in case you lose your phone and or it gets damaged etc. you might want to make sure you do not lose your contacts. And the best way to do this is by importing them from your Google account (Gmail) to your phone. By doing this, you can ensure you never lose your contacts. 

In short, this process allows your Google account to store your contacts online. This makes sure you can recover them in case of any emergency. 

Now the first thing you need to do is to make sure you save all your phone number and contacts to your Google account, that is, your contacts should be synced to your Gmail. If this is done, then you can easily do the rest of the process. First, sign in to the respective Google account. Now go to “settings” and click on the “accounts and sync” option. In this, go to “add account” and select “Google”. Now click on the “next” button and this will lead you to a page where you can insert your Gmail username and password. 

Now go back to settings and select the Gmail account option. You will see an option that says “sync”. Tap on that button. Wait for some time as this process might take some time. 

Now go to your contacts in the phone. You will see how all your contacts you had in your Google contacts automatically appear in your phone. This means you have successfully imported contacts from your Google account to your phone. 

There you go! This is how you make sure you do not lose any contact or any data even if you lose or damage your phone. This can also come in use when you buy a new phone and want your contacts in that one. 

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