Managing the Employee Background Check-Up, A Must For Educational Institutes

visitor Management

Looking to manage the employee background checks in the fastest possible way? The house enrolled act 1079 in the state of Indiana has compelled the checking of employees in schools every five years. This is basically used to make sure that anyone with the contact of children must have a thorough check up to see whether he or she is not having any criminal history.

This step is taken to protect the children from any crime but it is hard to manage by the school officials. So as to manage whether every employee has checked in the proper timeframe is very difficult. It also will take time. It is also quite challenging to keep a response from everyone at the same time. But you are lucky if you have software to handle all these problems. Visitor management solution is an excellent management system that helps to manage the background of each and every employee. There are many other capacities of the visitor management but here the main emphasis is on the employment module. This is a must model for the schools to be used so as to keep a proper check on all the employees.


Process of work

The working process will be like:

  • The schools will provide the employee with the employee roster like xls or the CSV format.
  • The list will be sorted based on the longest tenure and it will be divided into 20%-year expiry dates.
  • The will be a list uploaded in the visitor management.
  • The recheck interval will be set in the interval of 2 to 5 years.
  • The link which will be generated after the check-up will be handed to the respective employee.
  • The employee would enter the information that will help in checking the background.
  • The information entered by the employees must be submitted to the hiring solution with the help of visitor management.
  • The background checks must be performed.
  • If there is no history of any crime then it will be automatically, approved in the software.
  • If in case any criminal history is found then it will be sent for review.
  • When everything is complete, then the employee will be in a system and they will be notified automatically in five as their check expires and then it will be the time for the completion of the new one.
  • If the software is used it will make the management seamless and will also cut the time thereby making it such that no employees miss this out. All the employees must put up their information and none should be left out. This new act will lessen a huge risk of any crime or any misdeeds which are likely to be caused by a wrong person. This is a really beneficial thing and must be followed by the schools for the safety of the children. The schools these days have become even more concerned about child safety than before because of the increased rate of crime.